CSOM: Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media

This disease is manifested by a perforation of the tympanic membrane of various sizes, with chronic secretion of mucopus especially in the early stages of exacerbation.

CSOM may also involve damage to the ossicular chain, especially in cases of long lasting disease and consequent deafness.

The disease affects both ichildren and adults. The perforation of the tympanic membrane maintains the state of "chronicity" of the disease over time and leads to progressively higher stages of functional impairment, in addition to the fact that it represents in itself an outbreak of chronic infection never off permanently.

The surgical therapy is the first line treatment and consists in closing the perforation with autologous material, ie from the same patient (fascia, cartilage).

The surgery at our Unit runs in a Day Surgery (an overnight stay) under local anesthesia for adults (unless contraindicated) and general for children.

The patient is discharged the day after surgery and performs the first postoperative control after about a month.

The results of surgery are brilliant both in childhood (operations are performed on children as young as 3 years) than in adults with a success rate of more than 90%.