Colesteatomatosa Otitis

Chronic otitis with cholesteatoma is an insidious disease that must necessarily be treated with microsurgery.

The definition of "skin in the wrong place" is the simplest as the colestetaoma behaves as an epidermic cystic formation that progressively erodes the bony structures of the middle ear and mastoid, with destruction of one or more elements of the ossicular chain, purulent discharge from the external auditory meatus and conductive hearing loss.

Surgery is the treatment suggested and Tympanoplasty in one or two stages the golden standard. The Tympanoplasty is performed under general anesthesia in a Day Surgery regimen. I our series the recurrence rate of the disease at 10 yers follw-up is 9%.


TPL Aperta Obliterativa - Timpanoplastica
TPL Aperta - Timpanoplastica