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Cochlear implant

The cochlear implant or bionic ear is a state-of-the-art solution to restore hearing to those affected by profound deafness.

Profound deafness is not treatable with conventional hearing aids, which are unable to give satisfying auditory perception to the subject.

Therefore it is necessary to face the problem with advanced technology which by-passes the diseased auditory organ (choclea) and allows a direct stimulation of the acoustic nerve and transmitting digitally elaborated sounds to the auditory areas of the brain.

The Cochlear Implant Centre of Bergamo is a Terziary centre for the chomprensive management of the profound deafness.

We are able to face the problem of profound deafness from neonatal screening, to the diagnosis and genetic profiling up to surgical therapy with cochlear implant. Furthermore we have a Speech Rehabilitation Unit for the postoperative rehab training.

Our Centre implants 25 Choclear Implants a year at a highest standard of efficiency.

Surgery is carried out under general anesthesia and takes around 30 minutes. The patient is discharged the next day and the implant is activated after one month. 200 implants were made to date.

Cochlear implant

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