Acoustic Schwannomas

The VIII cranial nerve acoustic schwannoma or neuroma i s a benign tumor that arises from the vestibular component of the eighth nerve or auditory nerve.

The incidence of acoustic neuroma is 1 case/200.000 inhabitants. The classic symptoms are unilateral tinnitus and a persistent unilateral sensorineural hearing loss. There are also cases in which the hearing, despite the presence of a small neuroma, is perfectly efficient and preserved.

About 2% of acoustic schwannomas may occur at the onset with a sudden deafness.

This kind of sporadic or unilateral neuroma can be treated with different approaches: wait and see with serial MRIs , microsurgery or stereotactic radiotherapy. The Counseling provides the patient to be informed exaustively about the options available in the management of this benign tumor.

At our center, Giovanni Danesi, specialist of acoustic schwannoma treatment, performs the surgery by the translabyrinthine approach in most of the cases, except for those who wish to attempt an hearing preservation surgery. In this case the pathology is approached by a retrosigmoid route with direct monitoring of the acoustic nerve. The postoperative hospital stay varies from 5 to 7 days. To date 450 cases were operated personally. Contact us for more information about the most innovative techniques to practice the acoustic schwannoma surgery.

Neurinoma Via translabirintica 1

Neurinoma Via translabirintica 2

Via retrosigmoidea Neurinoma Acustico Conservazione dell'udito