Specialist in:
Director of Neurosciences Department
Director of the Operative Unit of Otolaryngology and Skull Base Microsurgery
Otolaryngology - Head and Neck lSurgery
Otology and Neurotology
Endoscopic microsurgery
Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital - Bergamo


Professor Giovanni Danesi is the Director of the E.N.T. and Skull Base Microsurgery Unit and Head of the Neurosciences Department at Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo currently the largest hospital of Lombardy, with 320 thousand square meters, more than 900 beds, 108 ICU beds and 36 operating rooms, 52 beds for day surgery and One day surgery.

The ENT Department performs about 1,600 operations/year in the following areas: Microsurgery of the middle ear Microsurgery and endoscopic surgery of the skull base head and neck oncology, Surgery of the salivary glands Thyroid surgery Newborn screening for the study and treatment of profound deafness and Choclear Implant Professor Giovanni Danesi has a large record of surgeries in the field of deafness and ear surgery, skull base surgery, oncologic and endoscopic surgery.

He refined his specialization in otologic and neurootologic microsurgery targeted to the middle ear and chronic otitis media and to the benign and malignant skull base tumors.

He has publications on national and international journals and he’s constantly invited as keynote and invited lecturer at scientific meetings worldwide.

He is part of the Editorial Board of Med Line indexed Journals: Neurological Surgery Part B, International Archives of Otolaryngology, Acta Otorynolaryngoiatrica Italica.

He is Teaching Professor in Middle ear microsurgery at the University of Pavia and the Teaching Professor in "Microsurgery of the Skull Base" at the University of Trieste.

He’s also Consultant for Skull base Microsurgery and Endoscopic surgery at the Carlo Besta Neurological Institute in Milan.

Member of the Executive Board of the ESBS (European Skull Base Society).

Chairman of the Educational Committee of the WFSBS (World Federation Skull Base Societies).

Congresses 2018

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  • PRIMER Congreso Internacional de Otología, Neuro-otología y Cirugía de Base de Cráneo

    Instituto Nacional de Neurologia y Neurocirugia "Manuel Velasco Suárez".
    Colegio Mexicano de Otología
    Del 4 al 6 de julio de 2018

    Abordaje craneofacial para lesiones extensas.
    G. Danesi

    Cirugia para lesiones del ápex petroso (endoscópica e infralaberíntica).
    G. Danesi

    Abordajes infratemporales.
    G. Danesi

  • 9TH EAONO INSTRUCTIONAL WORKSHOP & Consensus on Auditory Implants
    Copenhagen - Danimarca
    20-23 Giugno 2018

    Modern management of the small acoustic neuroma: are they still to be operated?
    G. Danesi

    Providing and training oto-surgery in developing countries and remote areas.

    G. Danesi

  • 105°SIO – Congresso Nazionale
    Napoli - Italia
    16-19 Maggio 2018

    Trattamento chirurgico delle lesioni dellìapice della rocca - dalla microchirurgia agli approcci endoscopici.
    G. Danesi

    Tavola Rotonda
    Procedure diagnostiche in chirurgia otologica: cosa serve davvero, cosa possiamo evitare.

    G. Danesi

    Tavola Rotonda
    Protocolli di terapia nel neurinoma dell'acustico piccolo: è possibile un atteggiamento condiviso?

    G. Danesi

    Tavola Rotonda
    Attualità nel trattamento dei tumori maligni naso-sinusali.

    G. Danesi

    Tavola Rotonda
    Gruppo Lombardo (GLO)
    Paralisi acute del nervo facciale
    G. Danesi

  • ESBE - 13th Congress of the European Skull Base Society
    Warsaw, Poland
    19-21 April 2018
    Large series
    Posterior and Lateral patology:
    Temporal bone cholesteatoma

    G. Danesi

    Large series
    Approaches - Posterior& lateral:
    The Trans-petrous Approaches System in Posterior Fossa Meningiomas Surgery

    G. Danesi

    Multiple paragangliomas:
    Conservative Strategies in Multiple Paragangliomas Early Results

    G. Danesi

    Round Table
    Intrameatal vestibular schwannomas

    Chairs: G. Danesi
    The Value of the Wait and See Protocol
    G. Danesi

  • Cranial Base Surgery Course
    "A 360° Prospective"
    Hands-on workshop

    Emory University School of Medicine
    Atlanta, Georgia - USA

    15-17 March 2018

    Invited Faculty: G. Danesi

  • 1ST Head and neck surgery course, totally in 3D

    Candiolo Cancer Institute - Torino
    12-14 February 2018

    International Forum
    Presenter: G. Danesi
    A video review in 3D of critical maneuvers in neck dissection

    Live Surgery
    3D microscopic ear surgery: op. G. Danesi

  • DSORL - The 11th International Combined Conf. of Delta Society of ORL

    Cairo - Giza, Egypt
    25-27 Jenuary 2018

    Tavola rotonda:
    Cochlear lmplantation: Controversia! lssues

    Pannelist: Giovanni Danesi - Italy

    lndication and Long-Term Results in MoreThan 400 Cases

    Professor: Giovani Danesi - Italy

    lnstruction Course:
    Pure Endoscopie and Combined Approaches to the Petrous Apex Lesions
    Professor: Giovani Danesi - Italy

    Panel Discussion
    Debates on the Management of Acoustic Neuroma
    Pannelist: Giovanni Danesi - Italy

360 Skul Base Symposium - 2 e 5 March 2016 - Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University
2 e 5 March 2016
Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University
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