Professor Giovanni Danesi is the Director of the E.N.T. and Skull Base Microsurgery Unit and Head of the Neurosciences Department at Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo currently the largest hospital of Lombardy, with 320 thousand square meters, more than 900 beds, 108 ICU beds and 36 operating rooms, 52 beds for day surgery and One day surgery.

The ENT Department performs about 1,600 operations/year in the following areas: Microsurgery of the middle ear Microsurgery and endoscopic surgery of the skull base head and neck oncology, Surgery of the salivary glands Thyroid surgery Newborn screening for the study and treatment of profound deafness and Choclear Implant Professor Giovanni Danesi has a large record of surgeries in the field of deafness and ear surgery, skull base surgery, oncologic and endoscopic surgery.

He refined his specialization in otologic and neurootologic microsurgery targeted to the middle ear and chronic otitis media and to the benign and malignant skull base tumors.

He has publications on national and international journals and he’s constantly invited as keynote and invited lecturer at scientific meetings worldwide.

Keynote speaker at the 69th ASOHNS Congress Brisbane - Australia

Regular speaker at the NASBS (North American Skull Base Society)

Councilor elected for the S.I.B. (Italian Society of Basecranica) 1996-2001

General Secretary of the WFSBS (World Federation of Skull Base Societies) (2012-2016)

Past-President (2016-2018) of the AOOI (Association of Otolaryngologists Italian Hospitals)

Past-President (2016-2017) of the SIOSU (Italian Society of Otology and Auditory Sciences)

Elected Councilor (2016-present) in the Executive Boarding of the ESBS (European Skull Base Society)

Chairman Educational Program in Skull Base Surgery della WFSBS (World Federation Skull Base Societies) from 2016 to present

President-elect (2021) ESBS (European Skull Base Society)

President-elect (2023) SIOECHCEF (Italian Society of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery)

He is the author of 50 publications in national and international journals reviewed by Med-Line.

He is the author of 8 chapters in subject-related texts concerning ENT surgical problems and microsurgery.

He is a member of the Editorial Boarding of the Neurological Surgery Part B Journals; International Archives of Otolaringology and Acta Otorinolaringologica Italica.

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